Ballet Dancing

With Prima Ballerina Darcy Bussell being the Patron of our association what better footsteps to follow. Dancing beautifully in our two shows a year, our dancers have plenty of opportunity of showing off their ballet dancing skills to the enjoyment and pleasure of all. Once the girls have developed their classical ballet skills, Calvella offer classes in pointe work, which requires a lot of training but looks so beautiful when executed.

We offer combined ballet and tap classes on a Saturday morning for the younger students. The routines taught we show off in our two shows each year.


9:00am – Ballet and Tap (9-12 Years)
10:00am – Ballet and Tap (7-9 Years)
11:00am – Ballet and Tap (5-7 Years)
12noon – Ballet and Musical Theatre (Pre-School)

The pre-school children are called Calvella Cuties ages (2-4). In these classes we dance to popular cartoon music, nursery rhymes, as well as Frozen, Moana and Paw Patrol music, just to name a few. We also pretend to be different characters like fairies, pixies etc. In this class we teach the children their basic ballet positions and prepare them for their first exam by the IDTA – the Pre Juvenile Group Award.

Sometimes we even have special visitors to the studio who dance with the children.


Once the children go to secondary school we offer their combined tap and ballet lessons on a Monday evening.


5:15pm – Ballet and Tap (Senior Girls)

6:15pm – Pointe Work, Ballet and Tap (Advanced Students)

7.30pm – Contemporary Ballet



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